Management consultations

We works as an external consultant, there fore can do short term educationing classes to the management on the subjects defined earlier.

We need to keep in mind that most of the people who get involved on Sports and Gym industry/business field, might not know that much of the Business itself but go more for the feeling.

Business- and concept- plan creations

Due our professional histories of working as a Board members of different companies Our team can offer experties to
lead a team to carry out several different kind of work cases.

Basically it means that we create and finalize the plans based on the information gotten from client itself as well other members of the team.

Educationing of employees

Part of the concept planning includes also suggestions of how the employees has to behave, dress and act with their clients.

This might also need physical presence and visits, Our consultants do also that.


Market planning and Business concept calculations

Market planning is normally part of the Business or concept planning results.

If done so, it means much more deeper preoccupation on the clients company numbers and future plans.

In both cases we can use our knowledge of knowing the markets on Sports and Gym industry.

Mobile App technical and UI consultations

Due the possibility to work together with Marketing and Advertising companies in Estonia and Spain, we also have professional programmers near by.

More and more of the Businesses do use gadgets created on Mobile.

We are able to find the best (maybe unique) way of creating the needed technical requirements for the ideas.

Possible Investor search / Funding organizing

Our professional backgrounds has allowed us to communicate and plan, even execute different cases with different investors.

We are able to use these connections to help our future clients, if they are looking forĀ  Loan or private equity firms.